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End of the School Year


Wow! I can’t believe it, the end of the school year! Finally, some summer fun. However, that also means, I won’t be able to see most of my friends. ūüôĀ¬† I’ll take up their contacts, so we’ll still be in touch. I’m really going to miss them, because I’m going to a new school next year, and only 2 other people are coming. Plus, with the switching classes, I’ll be lucky to see them in the halls. Anyways, I think the end of the year party will be just awesome! ūüôā

Graduation caps in the air

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Sorry I haven’t¬† wrote in like…a LONG time, so here goes. This year I going to an awesome sounding place called JABiztown. In this place you can see what it is like to have an adult job along with the responsibilities. I plan to be either an artist, or a fashion designer, maybe a dancer.¬† It has to be something I’m good at, which is almost everything in the arts, even martial arts, sorta.I’m a green belt in karate. Which is the 4th level. I’m super excited cause’¬† it’s in my BIRTHDAY month when that is. Yay! Anyways, I’m super excited about¬† the trip.




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U. S. Documents


The Declaration of Independence states that we are free and independent from the British, our former rulers. Our nation no longer depends on the British people. The document declares our independence. The Constitution explains that we are a democratic republic. In a democracy, the people have the power to make political decisions. It also explains how the government works. The Bill of Rights is a document that protects the people against the federal government.


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5th Grade Math Problem


I am using a problem from my textbook.  You can try to figure it out, if you want to.                                                                            The 2001 record for balancing drinking glasses 75 glasses.  If the capacity of each glass was 20 fluid ounces, how many total fluid ounces could all of the glasses contain?

enVision MATH
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50 Letter Word


Pneumoncultramicroscopicsilicovolcanconiosis is supposedly the longest word in a dictionary. It is 45 letters long and is a lung disease caused by breathing silicon dust particles. Create your own 50 letter word, give it a definition and write a letter to the Guinness Book of World Records to convince them that you have created the longest word in the dictionary. The word must be pronounceable and look like it would make sense.

Dear Guinness Book of World Records,

I have created the longest word in the dictionary! The word is called:

“Peniciancarpilotgonotsonolookfortookheardomesicko”, pronounced,”pen-i-sill-in-car-PI-lot-go-not-son-o-look-for-took-hear-do-me-sick-o”. The meaning of this word is,”A poisonous flower which is pink with blue dots on top. it is located in South America, Europe, and Australia. (noun)”



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Hopes and Dreams


My hopes and dreams was to be a fashion designer. I haven’t achieved this goal, yet. I still have to complete my studies. Hopefully, I will achieve my goal of being a fashion designer. I believe if you put your mind to something, you can do anything. I must work hard to achieve this goal, for it is a very large one. I hope someday I can make a difference to the fashion world. It will be a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it.

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My Wordle


 Here are some words to describe Mafatu from the book Call it Courage.

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What is a league?


 A league is a form of length measurement. One league is three miles. In The Island of the Blue Dolphins, the island is about two leagues long, and about one league wide.Therefore, it wold be about six miles long, and about three miles wide.

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Top Secret Book Report


Top Secret

This is the story of a 9 year old, Allan Brewster, who wants to do a science project on human photosynthesis. His teacher said that he would never accomplish it, because he was too young to make a discovery. Instead, she gave him an assignment on lipstick. Allan didn’t give up and went to the library and understand the similarities and differences between plant and human cells. After that he went to his home and put liver, salt water, peanut butter, and Coco puffs into the blender and mixed it. He drank it and he started bright green. He was turning into a plant! When he told everyone they didn’t believe him, except for his grandfather. One day it was raining, and Allan was running into the mud without his shoes or socks. The mud felt so nice that he didn’t want to come out. He saw that he was growing roots so he came out. The next day, it was sunny so when he stood near an open window he wanted to stay there even if his parents were calling him. Many doctors and hypnotists came to see him, but they didn’t work. The President was in town to help find a cure for world hunger. Allan thought, I’ll tell the President what I discovered, and then everyone will believe me! He hopped onto his bike, and he saw didn’t see the President. The front desk told him that the President just left, but they could take him to his adviser instead. So he went with them to the President’s adviser. Allan told the adviser about his teacher, Ms. Green, and EVERYTHING that happened to him. The adviser believed him! Inside Allan was yelling, Yes! The scientists then did tests on him, and they discussed about it. Then one day, the advisory had some two pills in his hand he told Allan to eat one of them and save the other of this happens again. Allan didn’t understand. The adviser explained this might be a bad thing so it must be kept top secret. Allan understood. The government made him an amazing project on lipstick. Allan didn’t like it, because it he didn’t do it. Ms. Green was amazed at his project. Allan checked his pockets. He had a cookie and a small mirror, all part of the plan. He asked Ms.Green if she would try one of his lipstick samples. She picked a lipstick flavor called ” Yellow Tomato “. She put it on her lips and licked them a little. He asked her if she would come to the parking lot. She went into the parking lot with him and she tried to eat the cookie. She felt sick when she bit into it. ” Exactly,” continued Allan, ” now look into this mirror. ” Ms. Green was bright green! She exclaimed, ” Allan, what is the meaning of this? ” He explained what happened. Ms. Green understood. She then said, ” Come on, let’s tell everyone about your discovery. We’ll win the trophy for sure! ” ” I can’t let you do that Ms. Green, ” answered Allan. ” Why not? ” she asked. ” It’s top secret, ” he answered.

Reasons why Human Photosynthesis is bad or good for the World

People in food stores can’t have business going if people can make their own food, and farming is the world’s largest industry. People might have roots grow in the ground from mud or other liquids. In one hemisphere it will have to be winter sooner or later, and that is when plants die. Soon the other side will be winter and the people on that side could die¬† as well. People could also be eaten by herbivores or omnivores, since they are technically plants. Some good things about it though is that it would end world hunger. It would also save money on buying groceries, and other items.

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My Favoite Part of Spring Break


My Favorite Spring Moment This is a picture of what I mainly did during Spring Break. Now I know what your thinking,”Why would she be looking at trees all week?” That’s because I didn’t! I mean, why would anyone be examining a tree all week? If you do see somebody looking at a tree, and they say they’ve been looking at it at it all week, let me know by commenting. What I did do for Spring Break was have fun and relax. I did the relaxing part a lot more than the having fun part. I actually enjoyed my Spring Break so much that I wished it would never end! Unfortunately, it did end. All I did was have my best friend over to play the Nintendo Wii with me, and eat Cheetos and drink mango juice,and relax at my apartment.

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